Specialist bone density and body composition scanning services in the Waipa district.

-DEXA Bone Density Scans

-DEXA Body Composition Scans

Accurate results for your health and wellbeing.

Based in Te Awamutu, we specialise in the latest scanning technology for bone mineral health and body composition. We are focussed on accurate and scientific results to assist in your health and wellbeing, including osteoporosis, fracture and chronic disease prevention.

Bone Mineral Density Scan

Bones naturally become weaker with age. Early detection of low bone density can help prevent osteoporosis, reduce risk of fractures and slow bone loss. Find out your risk of fracturing a bone or monitor your Osteoporosis with a DEXA bone density scan.

Body Composition Scan

Manage your health and wellbeing goals with an accurate DEXA body composition scan. Results can be used to track changes in weight and muscle mass, as well as provide visceral fat readings to help indicate chronic disease risk.

Bone and Body Blueprint is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society for Bone Density Scanning.

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